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1. Apr. 2012

ʡͺ һ   Our church is located in the center of the international city of Tsukuba, where many non-Japanese people stay for some time or make short-term visits. We hope that we will have many opportunities of sharing worship service with you on Sundays.
  While Sunday service at our church is basically conducted in Japanese, we are doing our best to provide non-Japanese attendants with simultaneous English translation, albeit by non-professional interpreters, so that people away from their homelands at least partly makeup for their not being able to attend worship service at home.
  It is indeed our privilege and pleasure to share with you in our Sunday services and to receive Gods words together.


Welcome to the web page of Tsukuba Gakuen Church!

3. Apr. 2011

ʡͺ һ   Hi! How are you? I am Sumio Fukushima, pastor of Tsukuba Gakuen Church, coming from a church in Fukushima prefecture in since 2011. Pastor's house of the church in Fukushima was demolished by the Great Earth Quake of March 11, 2011 and it was rendered inhabitable. Including this I am deeply worried about people in Fukushima prefecture.
  My profile in brief is as follows:
  I was born in 1956 in the city of Yuzawa, Akita prefecture to parents who were Christians. It means I have been going to church since I was born. After graduating from the faculty of law at Tohoku University, I spent a few years as trainees to work for mentally retarded children and worked at YMCA Sendai-city for a year. Then I became student of Tokyo Union Theological Seminary.
  Soon after graduation from the Seminary I became a pastor of Koriyama Church in Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture, which is a member church of the United Church of Christ in Japan. I served as its pastor for 24 years. It means I have spent almost 50 years of my 55 year-life in Tohoku Region (North-eastern Block of Japan's main island.)
  Thanks to the guidance of God, I came to this Tsukuba Gakuen Church in April 2011, leaving the Tohoku Region (though Tsukuba is in the neighboring prefecture.)
  My family consists of my wife and three children and Hina-chan, a female indigenous brown-haired dog beside me. As for my own hobbies - I have enjoyed playing rubber-ball tennis; a game of go just a little bit, and Jazz drum which I started when I was 50 years of age; you will find a sizable set of drums at the pastor's house.
  At the beginning of the new church year I wrote an article in agenda paper for the general assembly of April. It was about my basic posture on church formation and on minister-hood, which was accepted by the congregation. 'I want us to join our forces together to build such a church,' which I hope we can.
  Please come and worship together at our Tsukuba Gakuen Church.
  By the way I plan to put up a digest of sermon on the Web.


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